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Welcome to the age of Steam....



Lost to time, the 19th Century is at once familiar and as alien as can be imagined. Steampets of Cartaria seeks to recreate this Golden Age of ingenuity and architecture, with a re-imagined Steam Punk aesthetic and accurate recreations of lost 19th Century wonders. 

Steampets will be a token distributed by NFT with a limited presale. 1815 official NFTs, in which animals will be drawn in the aesthetic of Steam Punk, will be released for sale in ADA. Each NFT will entitle the holder to a share of our spC native tokens, making Steam Pets of Cartaria the world's first NFT drop.

Steampets NFTs are a bit different though... 

In 6 levels of rarity, Mystical, Mythical, Ethereal, Alchemical, Electrical and Material, each NFT depicts a character which can be used in a board game, with stats, special abilities and unique weapons. Some will have unique backgrounds of lost 19th century architectural wonders. 

Ownership of any NFT of Electrical rarity or higher entitles the holder to access the Steampets of Cartaria Headquarters, with all associated perks, access to exclusive NFTS and, ultimately, access to the Steamverse.

It is our aim to recreate the lost architectural wonders of the 19th century, like the Hyde Park Crystal Palace, the Saint-Sépulcre in Paris, the Pella Palace in St. Petersburg, and a million other lost treasures. Using all available documents and photographs, we will build navigable, 3d and realistic Metaverse recreations to a high degree of accuracy in order to preserve these lost wonders on the blockchain and in the Metaverse.

We are historians too, come join in our historical research hub on Telegram.

We will also fund, as part of our whitepaper and mission statement, real world explorations of 19th century buildings and ruins, in a spirit of adventure, fun, discovery and marvel. 

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