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  How to join?

  1. Join the Steampets Ambassador Group on Discord ad make yourself known;

  2. Being active in the Steampets Telegram and Discord channel:

  • Communicate with community members frequently;

  • Answer community’s questions timely and precisely;

  • Update the current and upcoming Steampets events/ activities;

  • Spread the positive vibes in the community;

  • Shill Steampet’s news and updates in other crypto/Cardano related groups (each shilling message will be counted as 2 messages) -> please include your posts in your personal weekly report.

Note: Please create a weekly report of every action you have made and send it in the Ambassadors group.

This is not just a case of making posts and sending us the links, we'll reward good work we see in the community on a discretionary basis, we look after good people.

  • No FUD — Fight FUD;

  • No inappropriate language;

  • Be timely mannered and precise;

  • Ambassadors must like + retweet + comment on every Hydraverse’s posts on Twitter since 6/4;

How rewards will be calculated:

Weekly rewards per person top out @ 100000 spC  with ADA bonus for good work.

Discretionary bonuses will be given to exceptional individuals. Rudi and Rachel will make the decision.

Legends will get their own Steampet NFT.

contact, with queries. 

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