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Grand Architect Raymond “Yggy” Thomson

Yggy is a famous, or perhaps infamous, character in crypto, the co-founder of the first mover meme coin on the XRP ledger, Xrdoge, with an ATH marketcap of $200 million, millionaires were made and dreams came true for many.

Alas Yggy is a stubborn character, with high ideals, and not only believes in decentralised money, but also in decentralised values. He made too many enemies in the XRPL cliques, obsessed with their KYC and centralization of influence. Xrdoge ticks happily onward however, a testament to the solid foundations laid in part by Yggy.

One thing he still knows how to do is make a successful crypto project that can make investors rich.

An Electronic Engineer in a former life, and an anarchist by disposition.

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